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How a cough drop that was supposed to make me feel better made me feel like @#$!

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Reel Mama: How a cough drop that was supposed to make me feel better made me feel like @#$!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How a cough drop that was supposed to make me feel better made me feel like @#$!

This is just weird.  I’m blogging about a cough drop.  But I have my reasons.  I caught a terrible nasty cold bug at one of the places frequented by little runny noses where I regularly take my daughter, be it the park, the preschool, the children’s museum, or the public library.  I’ve been coughing up a lung and I’m on my fourth box of tissues in 24 hours.  
And just when I was at my lowest, “curl-up-and-die” point, I realized that Halls cough drops actually have sayings on the wrappers.  I expected something pleasant, perhaps an uplifting Chinese proverb, or a soothing haiku.  I saw the catch phrase “A PEP TALK IN EVERY DROP,” and felt encouraged that this wrapper would be worth reading.  It said things like, “Buckle down and push through!”,  “Power through!”,  “Take charge and mean it!”, and  “Let’s hear your battle cry!”  
I felt like the cough drop was shouting at me.  In other words, “Get off your lazy duff, you pathetic little wheeze bag!”  I’m taking medicine, but I’m not actually allowed to be sick.  I realize that this is society’s fault.  Being sick is no excuse anymore.  Here’s a real gem from the cough drop wrapper: “The show must go on.  Or work.”  In other words, it’s better to drag yourself to the office hacking and spewing and infecting your colleagues than to give yourself time to recuperate.  
And believe me, as a stay-at-home mom, the show really must go on.  My husband gives me wonderful help, but I’m still “Mommy,” and the world can’t stop for our 2-year-old.  
I just wanted a little sympathy out of my cough drop. Like, “Feel better!” Or, “You poooor widdle thing!  Are you sicky-poo?  Poor baby!”  Or how about: “You are loved!”,  “Hug ‘n kisses!”, etc.  I needed cough drops for the soul.  
I’m not saying that Halls are bad.  They really do work.  I’m just saying that while you are “powering through” your semi-life-threatening cold or flu, there’s nothing wrong with indulging in a little comfort.  Sip on some tea with lots and lots of honey in it, and if you have to be at work, ask your boss for a hug.


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