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Reel Mama: Hope after devastating tragedy: The Lauren Scruggs Hope Fund

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hope after devastating tragedy: The Lauren Scruggs Hope Fund

There hasn’t been a great deal of coverage outside of my hometown Ft. Worth and Dallas about the tragic helicopter accident that occurred last week involving model and fashion blogger Lauren Scruggs, 23.  Apparently after a night-time viewing of the Christmas lights over North Texas, Scruggs departed the helicopter upon landing, only to turn back to thank the pilot, at which time the propeller, which was still running, struck her.  Her hand was severed, and the propellor caused major trauma on the left side of her face, including her eye.  Whether she will regain her sight in that eye is still in question, but she is making a slow but remarkable recovery.  
Scruggs is the editor-in-chief of the fashion magazine  A link is available on the home page to make donations to the family through the "Lauren Scruggs Hope Fund," to help cover medical bills and to send messages.  I invite all my readers to do so.  This is a family in need of encouragement and support over the holidays and beyond, throughout the many major surgeries that Lauren will have to endure.  
Lauren’s staff continues to carry on with  I enjoyed visiting the site and found it to be very well put together.  Lauren has helped a number of small Dallas/Fort Worth fashion businesses get off the ground thanks to her coverage.  I wish Lauren and her family the best and hope that Lauren is soon able to return to her fashion passion projects.


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