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Is our nation like a cranky 2-year-old?

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Reel Mama: Is our nation like a cranky 2-year-old?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Is our nation like a cranky 2-year-old?

Let’s see.  As the full-time mom of a 2-year-old I think I'm qualified to make the comparison.  I love this country deeply, but it’s time for a little tough love.  I’m not diminishing in any way the magnitude of the real problems we face, but these days for our country every minor setback seems like the end of the world.
When we have a poopoo diaper and make a big mess of things we run and hide and don't want to tell anybody about it.
We hate to share (at least when it comes to the spotlight or control).
We like to be the loudest in a room full of loud 2-year-olds.
We think we are the center of the universe.
We often perform dangerous and foolhardy acts without having any kind of clue about the consequences, then shout “Look at me!” when we are done.
We hate to admit when we’re wrong.
Recently Congress had to vote on whether pizza is a vegetable.  Congress voted a resounding yes.  So would any self-respecting 2-year-old.
That’s the bad news.  Now for the good.
We as a nation can be very sweet, affectionate, caring, and giving.  Just look at the outpouring after 9/11 or Hurricane Katrina.
We as a nation have the wide-eyed optimism, the knowing no limits, the can-do spirit and love of discovery that characterizes the most enthusiastic 2-year-olds.  And this is what makes us great.
Now all we need to do is stave off the meltdowns.


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