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Protected sex is important but this is ridiculous

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Reel Mama: Protected sex is important but this is ridiculous

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Protected sex is important but this is ridiculous

As recently reported on NPR (of all places!), an AIDS advocacy group has lodged a complaint with California's Division of Occupational Safety & Health against the adult film industry, resulting in a proposal that would ultimately require all adult film performers to wear condoms.  The draft rules of the resulting proposal would require "use of condoms or other barrier protection” within the adult film industry.  The part about condoms makes sense to me, but apparently some involved in this case believe that the “other barrier protection” should consist of goggles, a lab coat, and latex gloves.  All they would be missing is the chemistry set.  But trust me, there would be no chemistry.

The part about the goggles and the lab coats strikes me as a perfect example of the overkill running rampant in our society.  Like Marsha Melons with her new, probably skimpy lab coat, our society tends to add layers of bureaucracy where they don’t need to be.  Think about that the next time you’re doing your taxes.


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