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Reel Mama: On MILFs

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


What is a MILF?  Well, I looked it up, and according to Wikipedia, it’s the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, Islamic insurgents in the Southern Philipines with possible ties to Al-Qaeda.  Yikes. 

We all know that this isn’t the “MILF” I’m talking about. The term I’m talking about was popularized by the movie American Pie and now it has entered our lexicon as a formal entry in the formidable Collins English Dictionary online, which puts it in very genteel terms: it is “a sexually attractive, middle-aged woman.”  Let’s just say that it’s “Mothers I would Like to Fantasize (About).”

Frat boy vulgarity aside, everybody talks about what this term means for men, but what does it mean for women?  What does it mean for us, the moms?

MILF is a hope, a prayer, a cry in the night that we’ve still got it.  Yes people, even moms need our mojo, and we pray that we haven’t lost it. MILF is a desire to be desired.  And why not?   Everybody wants to be wanted, and let’s face it, every mom wants to look like the ultimate MILF, Jessica Alba, say, or Angelina Jolie.  But there are the über-MILFs, and then there are the rest of us.  I’d love to look like that, but I’m sorry, a watercress salad and six hours a day doing the latest insane body-crushing workout fad aren't going to cut it for me.  I don’t have time to be laid up for weeks recovering from having my body reworked by those Michelangelos of MILFs, the plastic surgeons.  I’m the mother of a toddler for god’s sake.  I should be on Rocky’s diet. I should be bulking up, swallowing raw eggs and bench pressing.

Moms, it’s time to take ownership of MILF.  Forget about MILF the acronym. Let’s give MILF a new meaning.  Let it be for us whatever it is that makes us feel beautiful.  It’s loving, and letting ourselves be loved.  It’s feeling empowered, and going for what we want in life.  It’s accepting ourselves, and not just striving to conform to an image.  It’s dreaming, and taking small steps each day to live that dream. It’s being ourselves, our very best selves, the person we always knew we could become.  Now that’s mojo.  Moms, you’re beautiful, and you’ve still got it.


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