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Reel Mama: This week at the movies (4/14 - 4/20)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

This week at the movies (4/14 - 4/20)

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet star in Titanic
in their first major Hollywood roles

There are a number of films worth checking out in theaters this weekend. Most of them are family friendly, so check out my reviews to decide which ones you and your kids will enjoy.  A double feature might be in order.  Have a cinema-tastic weekend, and see you at the movies!

Now in theaters

Titanic in 3D: A rare chance to see a recent classic on the big screen the way its creator James Cameron intended.  It’s the story of the doomed maiden voyage of the Titanic, and the two young lovers (Kate Winslet as young Rose and Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack) from vastly different worlds who create a scandal almost as big as the ship itself when they fall in love.  Romance, exquisite special effects, and dialogue that’s anachronistic and sentimental but somehow feels so right.  You’ll be as awestruck and inspired by this film as you were at the first viewing.
The Hunger Games: Based on the wildly popular young adult trilogy, it’s the perfect recipe for good fun at the movies, grrrl style.  Engrossing from start to finish, The Hunger Games is a sendup of America’s obsession with reality TV set in what’s left of the United States, which has been divided into districts after a brutal civil war. For their own entertainment, the powers-that-be demand that each district send two young people to compete in a fight to the death called the Hunger Games.  Jennifer Lawrence shines as Katniss Everdeen, the film’s heroine. 

Mirror Mirror: Inspired by the Princess Bride, this update of the classic Snow White fairy tale is a broad costume comedy featuring plenty of slapstick, anachronistic crackling quips, and pleasantly modern interpretations of familiar characters.  The film stars Lily Collins as a liberated Snow, who doesn’t need rescuing, thank you very much.  Julia Roberts stars as the evil queen, who can’t wait to sink her cougar claws into the prince’s hairy chest.
The Lorax: A fun and flashy movie with an environmentally conscious social message.  While the movie has a non-stop pace and sometimes gets lost in wacky chase scenes, the visuals are dazzling, and 3D (Tree-D) serves the world of Dr. Seuss quite well. Danny DeVito as the Lorax and Betty White as Granny offer standout performances.
The Secret World of Arrietty: A reflective, visually stunning film that moves at its own pace yet touches the heart and delights with humor thanks to the comical voice stylings of Amy Poehler and Carol Burnett.


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