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National No Housework Day, the most awesome holiday of the year

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Reel Mama: National No Housework Day, the most awesome holiday of the year

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

National No Housework Day, the most awesome holiday of the year

Saturday was national No Housework Day, and what was I doing?  The dishes, of course.  Now they tell me!
Attention, Congress: we need to make this holiday legal.  But first let’s move it from a Saturday to another weekday, so banks can close and postal workers can have a day off from delivering mail in weather so crazy only field news reporters in thigh high wading boots dare to tread in it.  To make it happen, we need an organizing committee, and I’m the president.
If you need to get an idea of what national No Housework Day would look like, just come to my house on any given day of the week.  I have so many dust bunnies you’d think I’m trying to breed them to save them from extinction.  This is how NOT to have the house when your mother-in-law visits.  This is life with three pets, a toddler, a husband in med school, and me.  
Might as well face it: I’m addicted to blog, so waxing the floors and scrubbing charred pizza off the bottom of my oven stay on the list of things that will happen when my fantasy comes true and Mary Poppins decides to move in with us.  True, Mary Poppins doesn’t do floors exactly but she does find the “element of fun” in “every job that must be done.” She snaps her fingers and the bed makes itself, the toys put themselves away (but not before doing a clever dance), the clothes hang themselves up, and it’s time to go out dancing on the rooftops of London.  How cool is that?
But since Mary Poppins won’t return my phone calls, I’ll just have to settle for national No Housework Day if I need a break from Dustbusting kitty litter until I can’t see straight.  I have a vision: every woman, and man if he so chooses, should get a mani pedi on this day.  I can think of a lot of people who deserve to put their feet up.  On national No Housework Day, we should take a lesson from my fluffy fur ball (aka five million dust bunnies waiting to happen) and do exactly nothing.

My cat Goldeneye doing what he does best


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