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The power of being in two places at once

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Reel Mama: The power of being in two places at once

Friday, February 17, 2012

The power of being in two places at once

What mom doesn't wish she could be in two places at once?

Maybe you’re a fan of The Big Bang Theory.  In it, the main character Sheldon Cooper, a somewhat insufferable, asexual, egomaniacal yet admittedly brilliant physicist, is constantly making obscure scientific references to things like particle physics.  

Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper in Big Bang Theory

Recently he alluded to the theory that allows an electron particle to be in two places at once.  My husband, who had a course in college physics, broke it down for me like this: an electron particle behaves erratically; it can be in wave form and particle form and when measured it apparently can be in two places at once, at least for an instant.  It’s more complicated than that, but even this much blows my mind.  The part that sticks out for me is “being in two places at once.”  As a mom, this definitely got my attention.
Why should we invest huge dollars in things like particle accelerators when there are so many other things in dire need of funding? I’ll tell you: do it for the moms!  Because when supermoms start duplicating themselves, look out world!  When there’s two of each of us, there will be plenty of us to sit around a table solving the world’s problems while our other selves are driving our kids to ballet and soccer practice, taking care of business at home, and maybe even finding time to knit.  When moms have the power to delegate, amazing things happen.  Personally, I’d use my primary self to schedule extra cuddle time with my loved ones, while my other self is running for public office.  
I’ve written about my desire to multiply myself before, but unlike in the film Multiplicity, when each subsequent duplicate is rendered more inferior, like making a photocopy of a photocopy, particle accelerators might just be able to perfect the technique, and make overextended supermoms' dreams a reality the world over.  So all you scientists out there, including you scientist moms, keep on superconducting and super-colliding.  Help moms be in two places at once, and you might just save the world.


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