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The "bad mommy" syndrome (Part 2)

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Reel Mama: The "bad mommy" syndrome (Part 2)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The "bad mommy" syndrome (Part 2)

As I wrote in yesterday's piece "The 'Bad Mommy' Syndrome," this generation of new moms feels judged for the big choices when it comes to parenting (i.e, how many children to have and when), and the little choices (i.e., white noise on the iPod next to your sleeping baby, or a soothing lullaby?). But while we are sweating the small stuff, it sometimes helps to take a step back in time to see just how far we've come.  This print ad from 1941 shows that moms back then were just as afraid of being "bad mommies" as moms are today, but the definition of just what makes a "good mommy" has changed with the times.

What do you think of this ad?

Credit for this print ad goes to the blog I'm Learning to Share, which covers very intriguing nostalgic collectibles such as movies, records, and magazines.  And a big thanks to one of my best friends from grade school, Elisa Evans Belmont, a fellow mom, for sharing the ad on Facebook!


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