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All I want for Christmas is to avoid a nervous breakdown

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Reel Mama: All I want for Christmas is to avoid a nervous breakdown

Saturday, December 24, 2011

All I want for Christmas is to avoid a nervous breakdown

Last week I was shocked when the first thing my daughter said when she woke up was, “Mommy, forty dollars, please!”  That’s a pretty steep allowance for a 2-year-old.  My allowance when I was twice her age was a quarter.  But I really think she was giving it to me straight. She doesn’t want presents this year: she just wants the cash. 

It makes me think.  I was at a big box store today.  As I was tempted to elbow a perfectly nice couple out of the way as I reached for the very last box on a shelf that was eerily barren in an apocalyptic, Mad Max kind of way, I began to wonder if I had lost sight of the true meaning of Christmas.  When did Christmas become about avoiding getting crushed in a mob to snag the perfect gift? 

I’m sure pretty soon parents will be creating gift registries for their children’s Christmas gifts. (They are already doing it for birthdays, apparently.)  Kids won’t need to visit Santa anymore.  The man with the bag better get ready to check the Target kiosk.  Then he’ll feel the rush of panic as he realizes he might have to go to five stores to get what he needs.

But for all the wrecked nerves and barely-avoided fender benders this time of year, there still is quite a bit of Christmas spirit going around.  As it turned out, the couple helped me get the box down rather than snatching it out from under my nose.  In reality, my daughter learned about forty dollars when I was paying the babysitter…she has no clue, at least not yet, about the cachet of cash.   

I will avoid a nervous breakdown this year.  The shopping is done and I’m still standing.  Family is in town and the holiday fun has started. 

So go ahead, chow down on that figgy pudding.  Have that extra helping of fruitcake (just don't break your teeth!).  Or make a bubble bath, light some candles, and read your favorite romance novel.  I hope you get whatever you want for Christmas…especially heavenly peace!


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